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In 2014, I sat at the kitchen table with my dad, some coffee, and a piece of pie. It was an early summer morning, and as we normally do when we get together, we started talking about work.

I’d just finished a big project at my job as a technical writer for an international company. I’d done great, but really wasn’t happy. As I showed my dad my project that day, the passion for my work was just gone. I loved my clients, but I was so tired of the corporate-driven decision making.

I wanted to find a way to make a living off of my extensive professional creative skill-set: journalism, design, photography, and content development/strategy, in a fresh new way. And I wanted to work for creative people who needed help making their business communications come together in an elegant and thoughtful way.

And something clicked in that moment. Maybe it was the coffee kicking in, but my dad kind of jumped off of his chair as he suddenly cut me off, “Have you ever thought about user experience design”?

Two years, many conferences, books, and a graduate degree later, I am a full-fledged content strategist and user experience designer. I love what I do. It’s a mix of design, writing, interviewing (with a bit of OCD calendar planning thrown in for good measure) that makes me excited to get into my studio every day.

I love to help my clients’ vision become a reality—whether designing the wireframes to lay out their new websites or coming up with a content strategy that ties all their communications into one seamless package.

I live in South Bend, Indiana with my husband and three giant cats.



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