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Do you hate to write for your business? It’s the number one thing clients tell me that they just dread doing and put off for as long as possible.

I had one client say it best, “I know I can write. I could sit down and really focus on it, and I could probably get it done. But I’d hate the finished product because I hate doing it so much! I just want to stick to what I know!”

When we work in our zone of expertise, we get so much done. It’s much harder when we try to create for our businesses from a place of second-guessing our ability and trying to muddle through ourselves. It’s okay not to be great at creating the written content you need for your business.

Many times, my clients only find out that I can write for them only after I’ve been working with them for awhile. It’s a part of my job that isn’t very glamorous, and most people don’t think they can hire a writer, so I don’t get asked to do it until we’re in the middle of a project and some writing needs to get done.

So, let’s take a look today at the different ways that I can help you with your business writing. You’ll save time (and money since you can focus on your customers and sales) by letting a professional writer take this essential task off your own plate.

Lead Generators – ads, postcards, emails, or letters. Send these out to prospects to generate interest in your products or services by offering a free sample, informative report, webinar, or PowerPoint presentation.

Websites and Landing Pages engaging, thoughtful, informative messaging keep eyes on the company’s website and encourages prospect’s to give you their name and contact information in exchange for offers, such as a free business report, or to subscribe to your industry-leading newsletter.

Print Ads for Industry Publications – Create awareness or generate sales leads with a benefit-focused headline and eye-catching visuals. We’ll decide whether you need a small quarter page or a full two-page spread. Gather leads by outlining your ideal clients’ problems, presenting the solution, and offering a call to action.

Company Brochures – just what you’re probably picturing … glossy and colorful two- and four-page pieces that typically have the features and benefits of various products your company offers. Put your brochures in information packages, hand them out at trade shows … or get a brochure designed as a digital asset to post directly on your website.

Email Notes – How much time have you spent crafting the perfect message when sending out special offers, newsletters, announcements, catalog updates, service bulletins, seminar invitations…the list goes on. How do you create an attention-getting headline that encourages your list to actually open your email? One of the fastest-growing segments in B2B marketing because it’s such a personal and effective way to offer prospects something of value, it’s worth investing in a well-crafted email campaign!

Case Studies – Let’s work on creating a detailed “success story” written in an editorial style similar to a business magazine article. We’ll tell the tale of how your company transformed some aspect of your client’s business in a positive way that details the customer journey and highlights your solution.

White Paper Reports – are longer-copy “how to” guides, and with my background in technical writing, you know I’m a pro at white papers! These educational pieces essentially show the reader how to do something that’s innovative, why they should do it, how you will help them to execute, evaluate, handle critical issues, and solve key problems. Position your company as a leading expert, impress your prospects and customers, and generate sales leads. It’s not uncommon for lead-generating promotions such as banner ads, emails, postcards, and phone scripts to feature a new white paper report as the offer. So, you might want me to write both the white paper AND the email, ad, or letter that promotes it!

Let’s get together and create some beautifully written content to promote your business today! You’ll save so much time and stress by handing over these tasks to an expert! I can’t wait to see what we can create together!

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