April brings new challenges!

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Today, I’m speaking at the 19th Annual Illinois Web Con, in Champaign, Illinois. And I’m terrified.

This is a big step for me. I’ll be speaking to so many people. I really have to be present and make this count!

I’ve been thinking about vulnerability a lot lately. It’s been a big subject with some of my work with clients, as we discuss taking on new ways of showing up in social media and try different platforms for them to share their experiences, products, and stories.

The thing is, showing up and being seen is tough for EVERYONE.

I’m good at creating strategies, doing the behind the scenes design, and helping people to find their voices. But, I’m learning to be better at showing up for myself. It’s funny how sometimes the expertise we develop to be helpful to others is often something we neglect to do for ourselves.

So, in April I’ll be working to show up more. Even when it’s hard. I’ll also have some great offerings for you, my tribe!

At the end of April, I’ll have limited available spaces in the beta program of my new online course, “8 Weeks to a Simple Content Strategy That Works for You”. You’ll be able to sign up for this course at a one-time only super reduced rate. So, make sure you sign up for my newsletter so that you know when that happens.

The next newsletter comes out next week! It will have some good stories and tips, and I’ll share what happened in my life over the last month—including how today’s conference went!

Have a great day!

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