Finishing up the 2018 ACTION Challenge


So, I got the flu, and really needed time to rest and recuperate and that ended up meaning I took an entire week off. I want to thank everyone that sent me a note of encouragement and understanding after I posted that I was sick. It’s great to know that people will understand when you need to take a step back to take care of yourself.

I’m back now, and we’re going to finish off this challenge!

We have a week of Action Steps left to cover, so we’ll just take this first week in February to wrap everything up.

This is what we’re looking at for the next 8 days:

Feb. 1
Action Step 24: 2018—Coming Into Focus (that’s today!)

Feb. 2
Action Step 25: Quarterly Play-by-Play

Feb. 3
Action Step 26: Find + Share: Non-Digital Content

Feb. 4
Action Step 27: Creativity Break!

Feb. 5
Action Step 28: Set Your Schedule—How to Set Monthly Schedules and Themes and Create a Re-usable Weekly Plan

Feb. 6
Action Step 29: Webinar! UX Your Brand
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Feb. 7:
Action Step 30: Evaluate + Adjust

Feb. 8:
Action Step 31: You’ve Got This!

Sound good? I’m so excited to bring you this last week, because it’s really meaty and full of great, solid steps you can take to create consistent communication with your tribe.

Here’s today’s ACTION Step: 2018—Coming Into Focus

You’ve taken the month of January to evaluate where you’re at and all the ways you want to communicate with your tribe, and now we’re going to laser in on the bringing consistency to the content to want to share with them.

Take some time today to think about the really important things you want to communicate this year: what concepts and ideas do you want to share; what are you trying to achieve; do your messages align with your overall goals for 2018?

Make a list today of the ideas and themes you want to communicate in 2018. One way to do this: You can distill this down to a single focus, like creating a word of the year to tie all of your content to. I did that for 2018, with my word: ACTION. Every offering that I create for my tribe this year will tie back to the theme of action—taking action to learn new things, taking action to create strategies and put them into place, and so much more.

Another way: create a different focus for each month. Lots of companies will create a different theme for each month, and they tie their content to each of those themes.

Maybe a word or a theme doesn’t ring true for you. You could tie your content to your mission statement, or your company values. Or, choose the theoretical approach—create content that teaches the theory and practice of your chosen field. (This is great for coaches. If you’re a nutrition coach, maybe your content centers on a recipe or nutrition principle for each post. If you’re a yoga coach you could build a pose progression and tie your content to teaching that!)

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”
                                                             -Peter Drucker

Let me know how this goes!

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