2018 ACTION Challenge Day 21


Happy Sunday! It’s rainy and foggy and much warmer here, so I’m spending the day watching “The Office” with my cats (my husband is in the basement watching football and building stuff!).

We had a fun time last night. I planned to share pictures of the haggis party, but the lighting was mostly candlelight, and it wasn’t great for photography.  I just decided to enjoy the evening and put my phone away.

So, what have I found to share with you this week?

  1. I’m reading “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. I love her work, and I think I’ll probably put together my own happiness project this year. Do any of you read Gretchen’s books?
  2. I watched this great video by Marie Forleo, about gathering confidence as a business owner. I want to share it because it’s a great way to look at our businesses as vehicles of service to our clients (so you know I’m all about it!) https://t.co/0V42Csx4ML

    “All your attention is on your customer: what your customer needs, and feels, and wants, and most importantly how you can help them.”
                                                                                                                   -Marie Forleo

  3. I made brunch for my fellow entrepreneurship class graduates. We had fun talking about how the last month has gone so far for our businesses. Here’s a recipe for the waffles I made (rhubarb isn’t in season, so we just used butter and syrup. Leslie Knope would be proud!): https://vikalinka.com/2014/04/15/buckwheat-waffles-with-rhubarb-cream/



I hope the rest of your weekend is great!


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