2018 ACTION Challenge Day 18 (LATE!)

(EDIT: I did something wrong when trying to publish this yesterday and it just stayed a draft. I apologize if you waited around to read this post! It’s a good lesson in paying attention to what you’re doing even if you do it all the time! I didn’t notice that this post never published because I was in a hurry! I finally figured it out when I went to publish today’s post!)


Happy Thursday! It’s almost the end of the week, and we’re getting so much accomplished! Today’s ACTION Step is: Just Ask!

What is the best way to find out what your audience needs to hear? Just Ask!

How do you know if you’re speaking to your clients on their level, or with their language? Just Ask!

What level of expertise or experience is your customer bringing to the table when they interact with you and your products, or your digital offerings? Just Ask!

We need to get really comfortable with the idea that the best way to get to know our audience is to create open and honest communication streams with them. Often, businesses feel like there needs to be a degree of separation between themselves as the “expert” business person and their clients or customers. People don’t want business relationships to go beyond the superficial because we’ve all been taught that “business isn’t personal”.

I’m saying right here and now: Business should be personal.

When we’re not openly communicating with our clients, we lose perspective on what their knowledge, experience, and needs really are. We are prone to making “educated guesses” on their behalf when we develop products and offerings and digital content. These educated guesses, however, overlook the fact that we are subject matter experts, and therefore, it’s extremely easy for us to forget what our clients know or don’t know, what they need or don’t need, or what they want and how they want it to be presented.

We need to meet our customers where they’re at. And, to do that, we need to actually ask them about themselves.

“You’re almost always wrong about your users.”
-Manik Rathee

Today, I want you to start putting into practice the art of asking your clients about their experiences and expectations. Find out what their biggest problems are. Find out where their pain points in daily work are. Find out what they’d love to improve about their experiences or knowledge base with whatever your area of expertise is.

The great thing is this: when you start to ask your clients where they’re coming from, you  are going to find inspiration! You’ll have lightbulb moments where you’ll say “I can fix that for you! I can help you with that! I can make this situation better!”

So, get over that fear of getting to know your users. It’ll be worth it! I promise!

That’s all for today!

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