2018 ACTION Challenge Day 16


Day 16 of the ACTION Challenge! We’re more than halfway done.

Today’s ACTION Step: Give + Take

Take a few minutes to think about your favorite brands and companies that you like to work with. What makes these companies enjoyable to work with? Why do you like to do business with them, or buy their products? Write your thoughts down.

Now, think about the digital spaces you visit. What websites, apps, blogs, etc. do you actually enjoy using? Write down what makes them valuable to you—great content, valuable advice, or an interesting unique viewpoint?

Do any of the things that you wrote down from the two lists relate to each other?

We love products, businesses, and digital spaces that provide value to our lives. What that value is can differ from person to person, but many times people have patterns that point to what they find important.

You can tap into that when creating content for your audience. This can be an unfamiliar way to look at the people who purchase your products or services—looking at them not as a resource providing you with income, but looking at what kind of a resource you can be to them.

Looking at the content you provide to your clients or customers, and evaluating whether it’s providing something valuable to their lives has several benefits:

  1. You’ll be able to connect the things that make your business unique to the content you provide. Unique content stands out and creates a recognizable “personality” for your brand. That draws people to you, and they begin to follow you because the things you produce aren’t found anywhere else.
  2. Your audience of followers will start to recognize you for what you provide for them, and how you make their lives easier, better, or more delightful. As they learn more about your business and your philosophy of serving your clients and customers, they will make a transition from follower to fan.
  3. Fans of your business engage more with your content. They feel a connection to your brand, and value their interactions with the content that you provide. Often, as they become more engaged with you, they start to talk about your services with other people that they know. They start to “introduce” your brand to new potential followers. At this point, your audience begins to see themselves as friends of your brand. And they really are. You’ll start to see your following grow because of their engagement.
  4. You’re consistently providing value to the friends of your brand, and they are beginning to return the favor by increasing your reach. Your relationship will continue to grow because your content is aligned with the values that your business brings to the marketplace, and you have made it clear that your priority is service to your clients and customers. They’ll continue to recommend you to others, and they consider your business a part of their “family” (Around here, we call this level our “Tribe”.)

“A good action is never lost; it is a treasure laid up and guarded for the doer’s need.” Pedro Calderon de la Barca

We’ll dive more into focusing on value-add and providing content that improves the lives of your clients and customers over the next few days. Keep these things in mind as you go through your workday. What sets your business apart, and what makes you unique? What can you give? Keep some notes on this.

Thanks for reading today! You’re sticking with the challenge, and doing great!

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