2018 ACTION Challenge Day 13


Happy WEEKEND! Day 13 of the 2018 ACTION Challenge, and we’re doing another round of Find + Share.

The habit of finding and curating the best information from leaders in your field not only helps your audience to learn more about what you do, it keeps you sharp! In order to regularly share curated content, you have to keep up with consistent research and reading, and you have to evaluate and question what is good enough to share with your own followers.

This helps you to develop your point of view, keeps you learning new and timely developments in your field, and as you consistently post you’ll find out a lot about your audience and what they are interested in and respond to.

This also gives you opportunities to expand your learning into related areas that you have interest in, but you don’t necessarily specialize in. Some great ways to implement Find + Share into your content is to collaborate with others—podcast, create webinars together, guest post on each others’ websites. The opportunities are endless!

Collaborations are what I want you to focus on today. As part of your Find + Share strategy step, begin listing some people in your industry who you admire. This week, you are going to take action and reach out to at least one of these people to propose the idea of a collaboration.

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”
– Jules Renard

Don’t worry if this is new to you. You can do it! I’ve often stopped myself from asking to collaborate with others because it can be scary. But, this year, ACTION is my theme and I’m going to do a better job of incorporating my own advice into my content strategy! We’ll work on this one together! You can ask me on Facebook if you have any questions about how I’m reaching out to people I want to collaborate with. (I’d love it if you follow me there, as well! That’s where I share great things that I curate for my audience!)

Have a great weekend!


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