2018 ACTION Challenge Day 12


It’s Day 12 of the ACTION Challenge, and it’s FRIDAY!!
(And. People. It’s also #NationalCurriedChickenDay. Oh man, do I love curry! This is a holiday I can get behind! I had some Thai Yellow Curry Chicken for lunch that was so HOT, it was almost too hot for me. That’s saying something, because I LOVE anything super spicy! It was so good, but I only ate a little bit, so that I can eat the rest at home where it will be less embarrasing to be visibly distressed by the delicious spiciness!)

Back to action! Today’s Action Step is a time-saver: WORK AHEAD!

This is a habit that you really want to keep at the forefront when you’re working on planning and executing your content strategy. REALLY. Like, this is going to be the key to making everything else manageable. Like, if you don’t keep turn this action step into a habit, then you’re going to be the person pulling your hair out at 11p.m. the night before you leave on vacation trying to get everything done before you leave.

I know this because I was that person. I hated being that person. I do not want to ever be at my office at 11p.m. for ANY reason ever again.

Thus—Work Ahead.

“Have a bias toward action – let’s see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.”
                                                                                                               -Indira Gandhi

I like to break all of my tasks into chunks of separate activities that I can knock out in small steps. You can do things like create your art, or find quotes ahead of time. You can plan out your writing topics so that as you come across things that fit those topics you can save them for when you actually need them.

As you work on your plan over the next couple of weeks, keep this in mind and flag things you can do ahead of time. Your future self will thank you!

Happy weekend!

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