2018 ACTION Challenge Day 6


Happy Saturday!

In my world, we call it Happy Caturday, because I’m a crazy cat person! (You’ve probably noticed my Instagram feed has a lot of cat pictures in it.) On Caturday, I like to hang out on the couch with a good book and my cats, and I’ll probably cook a great dinner.

Caption by Kittyworks. Photo from me.me

It’s definitely important to build breaks into your schedule, so that’s why the theme for today is:

Day 6 ACTION Step: Find + Share

It’s a great idea to build curated content into your content strategy. This will not only mean that you don’t have to produce entirely new content all the time, but you will build community and credibility if you take the time to curate valuable content and share with credit to the creator.

Take time to start an archive of content created by others that you can share with your digital tribe. The content you share should follow the same guidelines and standards that you hold your own work to—quality, helpful and useful, something people need. I also look for things that are interesting and related to, but not exactly, what my business is—like art and color posts, and funny things.

You can build an archive of articles, memes, pictures, and posts from other leaders in your industry, and build shares into your plan. This is especially useful on weeks that you know will be extra busy, or when you’ll be out of town/out of the office for some reason.

Another great way to Find + Share content is to partner with other content creators and do guest posts or submissions on each others’ social media. You’ll get the added benefit of making connections with their tribe, as well as cutting down on your work load. Plus, you make great friends in your field!

Previous ACTION Steps: Set Goals, Looking at Numbers, Communication Channels, Time, and Giving. If you haven’t started the challenge, you can still catch up over the weekend!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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