2018 ACTION Challenge Day 5


“One of the most powerful networking practices is to provide immediate value to a new connection. This means the moment you identify a way to help someone, take action.”
                                          – Lewis Howes

Day 5 of the 2018 Content Strategy ACTION Challenge is HERE! 

You’re doing great! We’ve completed a lot of tough work this week, including Setting Goals, Evaluating our Audience, Picking Channels of Communication, and Making Time.

Today’s ACTION Step is: Identifying What You can Give

I firmly believe in thoughtful, useful content. I help my clients to stand out from the overwhelming amount of digital noise out there by stressing three things:

  1. Your content should be useful. As you think about today’s action step, make sure that any content you are adding to your plan for the year is actually something that can be used by the people you’re creating it for. This shows that you actually care about your clients. It shows that you’re in tune with their needs. And it shows that you are worth their investment, whether that’s time, money, or attention. Don’t just produce a content creation list this year based on trends, or what you’ve heard is most simple to produce. What content can you GIVE your audience that will really be useful and helpful to their lives? What makes your services unique? How do you shine?
  2. Your content should be thoughtful. Have you ever watched a webinar and realized that the person presenting is skipping from topic to topic, not finishing thoughts, and getting lost? You know they hadn’t taken the time to outline what they’re going to cover. Or, you start to read an article and the only thing that stands out to you is the number of typos and missing words? You know that person didn’t take the time to proof read or edit their work. That content doesn’t feel as valuable to you. Make sure that you can give the proper time to the content you create. Think about all the steps you need to take to create quality work—from the research phase to the production phase—and build the time you need to give to produce quality work into your plan. What time can you GIVE to make offerings that you’re proud of?
  3. Your content should be a gift to your clients. You are building a relationship with the tribe that will support and sustain your business. Do you want  clients who are happy with the same mediocre content that they’re getting from every other business out there, or do you want customers who are fans of the quality, creativity, value, and uniquely individual things that make your company? How can you change your mindset from producing content just to have a way to make money to really providing GIFTS to your audience? How can you nurture your business relationships with your digital presence and content?

BONUS TIME: Your time is valuable. Your attention is valuable. Make sure that you’re not wasting these assets in your life on content from anyone that’s obviously not been created with care, to meet your needs, or to improve your relationship with the business provider. I’m working this year to prune my inbox and newsfeeds of all the JUNK. It’s already been a huge relief this week to open my email and see 7 new messages instead of 50. Your clients expect to get the best from you—start demanding the same from the businesses you support as a consumer. Maybe we’ll see more businesses change their information overload practices.

As always, if you have any questions for me, drop me a line on Facebook! I want to help you produce great content in 2018!

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