2018 ACTION Challenge Day 4


We’re in a blizzard over here. Snow is falling so fast and hard that for the past couple of days, I’ll look out the window and the only thing I see is white. And it’s still snowing. So, driving is a real disaster, and it’s just taking a lot longer to get things done than normal. I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of the workday!

It’s funny, how things work out sometimes. I put together this plan having no idea that the topic for today (time) would be exactly the factor I would battle while trying to get this information to all of you!

Today is Day 4 of our Content Strategy ACTION Challenge.

The Action Step we’re working on is: Making Time.

As we’re working on the logistics of our Content Strategy, considering the amount of time we can put into the creation of content is essential to putting an actionable plan into place.

You’ll notice that each Action Step this week has taken serious thought, and this step is no exception. Be honest with yourself and evaluate your schedule. How much time can you block out each week to produce your content? Taking stock of the time you have will inform the decisions you make about how much and what kind of content you can reasonably produce on a regular basis.

This is going to be different for each person. Some of you are writers, and you can knock out an article in 30 minutes. Adding regular articles to your website/blog will be fairly painless to incorporate into your schedule. If you’re not a writer, it will take longer for you to produce articles, and you might want to plan to only do an article once or twice a month.

Make sure you estimate how long it takes you to write a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn post. How long does it take you to post to Instagram? Any videos on your schedule?Estimate the length of time to write your script, shoot the video, and edit. You can also take a few minutes to access how you automate posting to different channels because this can be a BIG time saver. If you have big goals for your content this year, you might consider working with someone to create content for you.

Don’t worry! By the end of the month we’ll have everything worked out with your content calendar and schedule. This step can be hard but it’s so worth it when you’ve got everything in place and know exactly what’s happening for the entire year!

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

If you have questions about this action step, or the ones from earlier in the week (Set Your Goals, Check Your Numbers, and Pick Your Channels), please let me know on Facebook. I’m here to help you in any way I can!

Stay warm!

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