2018 ACTION Challenge Day 3


Hey there!

It’s snowing buckets in my neighborhood today, and I’m working from home with a latte and some very adorable snoring cats. I hope your day is going just as well and that you’re feeling great about what we’re creating together for 2018!

So far we’ve: Set our goals and Reviewed our current audiences.

It’s Day 3 in our Content Strategy ACTION Challenge!

Action Step #3 is: Pick Your Channels.

Where do you already feel comfortable communicating with your tribe? Are you already online, using a blog/website, or Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Are you active on YouTube or LinkedIn? Have you developed an email list?

Maybe you don’t have an online presence for your business yet. That’s okay too. We’re all working on building our brands’ unique communication and content strategies. We all start somewhere!

There are lots of communication channels to choose from, so the first part of your action step for the day is to list all of the channels you are currently using. You can write this down on the same page as the Audience list from yesterday. Next, take a few minutes to evaluate your experience with each—what do you feel has been valuable to your business and what hasn’t worked so well? Are there any areas that you’re already excited about the audience you’ve grown? What channels are you most comfortable with?

Where do you want to grow and branch out, or what channels would you like to add to your communication strategy and WHY do you want to add them? Add one or two that you’ve never used before.

I want you to really think hard about this. Remember that we’re creating a strategy that works for you and your audience, so if you already have followers you can ask them where they would like to see you in the coming year. Maybe you’re interested in starting a podcast but you’re not sure your tribe is interested. Ask them! You may find out that YES! they’re just waiting for you to get started!

Don’t add any channels to your list that you don’t believe will be valuable to your specific brand. Not everyone has to have a Snapchat following! Don’t add anything that doesn’t vibe with you, or excite you to learn. You don’t want to spend the time and energy it will take to learn the platform’s particularities, grow the audience, and create valuable content.

Keep these valuable words in mind:

“Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.”   -Thich Nhat Hanh

Alright! You’re all set with your day 3 assignment! Make sure to reach out on Facebook and ask me any questions you have about Picking Your Channel.

See you tomorrow!

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