2018 ACTION Challenge Day 2


“Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.”
                                                                                                    -Thomas Carlyle

We’re taking action in 2018, but we’re going about this the right way, by putting a content strategy into place and getting our ducks in a row before we hit that send button to our customers!

Each action that we take over the next 30 days will set you up for a year of successful communications, active relationships, and meaningful content for your business. Around here, content strategy isn’t about producing content for contents’ sake. (Because your users are smart. They can spot a content-mill Top 10 List or a click-bait article from a mile away, and it’s going straight to the trash!)

Today is DAY 2.

Action Step Number 1 was: Set Your Goals

Action Step Number 2 is: Check Your Numbers

Today, take the time to check your social media accounts and write down the number of followers you have at each channel. Make sure to include your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other channels that you currently use.

We’re not worried about any channel that you haven’t tried out or don’t actively use at this point. What we’re looking for here is: how big is your current audience.

Write these numbers down on a sheet of paper AND start a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should list each channel, then have a column for each month where you can record your numbers as you grow.

Check with your goals from Day 1. Do you have a lot of work to do to get to those goals? Good! We want to set our intentions high and then amaze ourselves with everything we can do this year.

Remember to check in with me on Facebook and let me know your goals list from yesterday. If you have questions about today’s assignment, just ASK! I’m here to help!

One step at a time!

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