Usability: Week 5 Journal Entry

  • What happened during your session that surprised you?
    I wasn’t very surprised by anything that happened in my usability study this week. My participant was reasonably well-versed with the site, and he had nice comments and insight into what he should do, so I might say that the most surprising aspect of my project this week was that it went better than expected!
  • Where you better or worse than you thought you would be?
    I’m comfortable with interviewing people, because I started my career in the early 2000’s as a journalist. With the ability to actually read the script to a person while interacting, I felt very comfortable with the tasks. I did notice that I had a couple of moments where I said “so” where I wish I hadn’t, but it wasn’t all that bad.
  • Where you able to remain unbiased?
    I was, and that was mostly because it’s very interesting to see how other people see things and interact. My participant approaches navigation of a website very differently than I do, but I was able to hold back and let him figure things out when he had trouble. It was a cool thing to see.
  • Did you let the participant speak?
    I did. That’s another thing where I think the journalism background helped. I didn’t feel much urge to prompt him to move along, or to try to get him to do things the way that I would. I was pretty into the observation aspect of the assignment. In fact, I feel after watching the video a couple of times that I could have done a better job of gently prompting him to move along when I let him continue to fill out survey boxes, and my video could have been shorter as a result.I had fun with this assignment for the week. I’m excited to see what my classmates did in our assignments next week!

The video is accessible only for our class, through this link:

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