Usability: Week 3 Journal Entry

We worked in groups this week to create possible questions for a Usability Test Screener, and the subsequent Tasks that users would perform during the test. I really enjoy the collaboration of the weeks when we do group work, as it’s more like what I do at work on a daily basis, and allows me to see other points of view.

For Screeners, we created a survey style list of questions to ask potential participants that would allow us to choose the exact demographic we need to study as laid out by the client for their website test.

I come from a journalism background. Our readings this week emphasized the difference between regular interviews and interviewing potential participants for a usability study, and it’s really interesting to me that the experts all seem to agree that most people are willing and enthusiastic to participate. That is definitely different than trying to talk to the sheriff about an incident in town for the next day’s paper!

I think that my background in developing interview questions was helpful as well, when it came time to develop our Tasks. This was a fun assignment for me!


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