Usability: Week 2 Journal Entry

This week, we kicked off our class project, with the scenario that we’re working as UX researchers for a medium-sized pizza company. The company is redesigning their website to relaunch in time for the Super Bowl. The site is past the wireframe and prototyping stages, and is now in early development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The IT team has already begun to incorporate the work into the corporate test servers. BUT, no usability testing has occurred yet.

We have time and budget to either run one summative usability test, or two formative usability tests. Our assignment for this week was to create a presentation detailing our recommendation for which testing strategy we believe to be most effective, beneficial, and realistic in this scenario.

I consulted the following sources for my project:

To summarize my recommendation: For this scenario, I recommended a set of two formative usability tests at crucial iterative points in the design process to best take advantage of the full benefits of the testing process for the site at this late stage in the timeline, and considering the limited budget. Formative studies will allow the designers to adjust for any usability issues that come up in the testing with enough time to make proactive changes in the design before the Super Bowl Sunday launch, thus maximizing users’ satisfaction while using the site and the potential for achieving our targeted success markers as laid out by the stakeholders.

A link to my PowerPoint presentation: janelockhart_summativeformative



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