iXD Week 3 Journal Entry

Creating a wireframe is surprisingly similar to creating an instruction manual.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this! Exactly two years ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table, showing my dad—a computer programmer— the new templates I’d created for our redesigned use and care guides for work. His face lit up when he saw my work, and he said, “you know, this is exactly the kind of thing our UXD person did when we worked on that project I just finished. Have you ever thought about becoming a User Experience Designer?”

At that point in time, I’d never even heard of the term. My dad showed me some websites and the project that his UXD consultant had done for him at work, and I was hooked! From there, I did a little research and by the end of the year, I was preparing for my first classes at KSU in the grad program for Information Architecture and Knowledge Management.

My job for the last eight years has focused intensely on process flow and designing information in a way that people can best understand how a product works. That experience has been so helpful in allowing me to understand the architecture of how you build the information hierarchy of a website or a mobile application.

It’s also helpful to pull in the knowledge base I’ve developed on how to streamline a process to its most essential elements. This is crucial when designing a mobile application, because people don’t want to have to click through 12 screens to complete a task. Just like no one wants to complete 12 steps to turn on their blender in the morning!

It’s fun to be challenged in new ways with wireframes. I’m learning the fine art of designing responsive elements—something that hasn’t applied in the static nature of the printed page. I’m really glad I took the leap of faith and started this journey of new skills that I can turn into a new, satisfying career.





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