iXD Week 1 Journal Entry

I’m learning a lot of new things about designing for the web and mobile interfaces in this class, and it’s nice to actually get to the point where I feel I’m building a vocabulary for all the things you notice when evaluating a website.

I love the names for the different navigational structures, when you’re creating a site map: Nested Doll, Hierarchical Tree, Hub and Spoke. It’s a great visual language—you can picture what you’re saying and what you’re trying to create. That’s so helpful when you’re describing the design decisions to your clients!

I was also struck by a quote in the reading we did from the Interaction Design Foundation, which described really well why I’m compelled with this kind of work:

All these threads of development in computer science pointed to the same conclusion: The way forward for computing entailed understanding and better empowering users. These diverse forces of need and opportunity converged around 1980, focusing a huge burst of human energy, and creating a highly visible interdisciplinary project.


Have a great work week, everyone!

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