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The world needs your wisdom!


I want to do as much as I can to bring my clients JOY and ease the burden that they often feel when thinking about creating their organic content for social media. That’s why I’m launching “The Intrepid Collective”. This online mentoring mastermind is the ultimate JLUX experience–creating an environment where you can bravely step up, step out, and step into visibility with a group of bold, visionary women who need support just like you!

I’ll work with you to create your content each month with exclusive monthly live group trainings, 2-hour work sessions, and check-in calls, along with  weekly group check-ins. I’m also working to bring in special guests to train you on different platforms–like Twitter, TikTok, and more!

We begin Monday, August 3, 2020!

What You’ll Get as a Member of The Intrepid Collective

  • Monthly prompts for your social media posts
  • Monthly live group trainings on all areas of business communications
  • A 2-hour Virtual Group Work Session once a month
  • A monthly personal Check-In Call
  • A weekly group Check-In
  • Special features TBA!!!

What do I pay to join?

  • Your yearly subscription is $1,500. You’ll be billed monthly at $125.00

Why “The Intrepid Collective”?

It means: without fear. Bold. Brave. Courageous. Gutsy. Lionhearted.
You have grand ideas, big dreams, and you believe you can do anything. But bold, visionary women need support, too!
I have so many women in my circle who want to bring their services–their mission–to the world…and they need the visibility to get there.

That’s where the collective comes in–a group, striving to lift each other up, gather our resources, and help each other to climb to new heights!

Intrepid. It makes you think of investigative reporters, of explorers, of rule breakers and change makers. Now doesn’t that sound like something you want to be a part of?