2018 ACTION Challenge Day 28


Happy Monday!

I’m excited to say that we’ve only got a couple of days left for the challenge, and it’s gone really well! I appreciate everyone who has worked through this challenge and I hope you’ve found it valuable.

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Today’s ACTION Step: Set Your Schedule—How to Set Monthly Schedules and Themes and Create a Re-usable Weekly Plan

This post is all about my husband’s favorite thing in the world: EFFICIENCY! (He’s literally obsessed with efficiency. It’s kinda ridiculous! LOL!)

I love the first part, because it can be life-changing if you keep up with it, and I always love to share the things that have helped me the most!

Create a Re-Usable Weekly Plan

Okay. You’re not going to get this perfect right off the bat, but this is something you’re going to want to play with and adjust over the next few weeks until you hit that place where everything works, and you’ve got things covered with ease.

To create a re-usable weekly plan, grab the list you made earlier of all the channels that you want to use to communicate with your audience. Get a piece of paper, or your calendar, or your 2018 Content Strategy Planner (go to the Weekly Calendar pages 40 and 41).

You’re going to have a section for each day of the week, and you’re going to map out the content that you want to produce each day.

Example: Do you want to post to Twitter every day? Then write “Twitter post” in each day’s box.

Then, you do the same for each channel: email, blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Maybe you post 2 Instagram, 1 blog post, 7 Twitter posts, 1 YouTube video, and 1 email each week. Maybe you do more, maybe you do less. It’s up to you to decide how much content you want to produce.

Then, try it out for this coming week, and see how it feels. Did you create too much? Were you able to comfortably keep up with the pace of what you set, or do you need to adjust?

Once you find the perfect balance that works for YOU in a typical week, STICK TO THAT SCHEDULE EVERY WEEK!

The great thing about this? Once your weekly content schedule is set, you can confidently work ahead when you need to because you KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!

It’s really life changing. Once I developed this strategy, I was actually able to go on vacations and leave my work behind, because I had the strategy in place that allowed me to know what I needed to do to get things done before I left. It was so fantastic!

The other thing we’re discussing today is setting your Monthly Schedules.

This is also a simple and effective way to get a better vision for what you need to do, and what works best for you.

So grab your paper, or your calendar, or your 2018 Content Strategy Planner, and start to add things to your Monthly pages. You are focusing solely on CONTENT here, but you want to also keep your other commitments in mind, so I would first write down the big things that you’ll have to work around. (I plan one month at a time, instead of doing the whole year, but you can do whatever works best for you.)

Once you have the big schedule commitments down, switch out the color you’re writing with so that you can differentiate your content from your commitments. Now, you get to decide when you’re going to do your content “events”. Are you doing any email campaigns, Facebook challenges, special weekly events, or launches? You can start to build up your calendar with everything you need to create in order to make these activities happen. (PRO-TIP: DO THIS IN PENCIL so that it can be erased! You’ll adjust things as you work, and you’ll want to be able to move things around as needed.)

REMEMBER: This is not set in stone! I ran into some difficulties with producing the content I needed to create for this 31-Day Challenge, and had to move the schedule around to accommodate. The key to making all of this work is knowing that you’re laying a foundation for your content schedule. You’re planning ahead so that you can roll with whatever life throws at you and your business in 2018. You’re taking ACTION ahead of time so that you can plan and grow with the knowledge that your content is being handled.

As always, if you have questions, I’m over on Facebook, waiting to answer!

Have a great Monday!

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