2018 ACTION Challenge Day 19


“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
-Damon Richards

Happy Friday! Today’s ACTION Step: Maintain Your Relationships.

You know how yesterday I told you that business really should be personal? I mean that. I want you to develop your content and your brand around the idea that you’re providing a service to your clients or customers—you’re serving them. You should care about their experiences with your product, your services, and your content.

This goes beyond your SEO, your conversion rates, your sales strategies. This goes to the experience of being a human with a business that provides something for other humans. If you want the something you provide to be valuable, you have to get to know about, and care about, those other humans.

Everything you produce will be better if you care. If you really want to make their experiences with your company better, you need to know about their current experiences.

This week, we’ve identified clients/customers that you want to reach out to and ask about their experiences, needs, and expectations. We’ve identified the things that you can give to your audience. You’ve thought about what you want to ask them, and why you are asking.

Today, take some time to identify time slots in your calendar that you can reserve for talking with these people. Write down some reminders to yourself to continue to keep in touch with your audience as you go through the year. As we finalize our content strategy over the last 12 days of the month, you’ll be able to reach out to these clients and find out what’s working or what you need to adjust. This year, you’re honing in on the things your audience really needs, and you’re going to create a good picture of what you can do to serve them better. Make sure that your tribe knows that this effort is for them. Make your relationships with them a high priority.

I think, as a result, you’ll start to see all of those business measures—the conversion rates, the engagement, the sales—will improve as your relationships with your audience improves!

Have a great weekend!

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