My Process: A Project From Start to Finish

You might want to know how do I go about solving design problems. How do I recommend design decisions that are appropriate for real users? How do I decide on a layout for an app? How do you know I’m not just guessing?

I use a very specific process when I work on a project. It’s called the LUMEN model, and it was developed by the Kent State University UXD program, where I earned my Master’s degree. It combines principles from other design processes found in common User Experience Design literature.


Of course, it’s important to understand that there is no singular work flow that is accepted as the perfect way to work when you’re a UXD practitioner. The best advice that I can give on this is simply: ADAPT to the workflow expectations of your client. If they use Agile methods, Waterfall methods, their own work model (like LUMEN), or no work model, you’ve got to roll with the punches. It’s best not to get set in your ways with how you work. It’s a matter of being sensitive to the environment you’re working in, and providing the work and deliverables that best match what your client is looking for on a case-by-case basis.

For the following project (student work for my degree) I did use the LUMEN model. For some other projects I’ve featured (such as the JohnsonRauhoff website redesign) I focused on the “Learn” section, performed the necessary research, and that was all they needed.

The Upper Sandusky Community Library

Project Brief: assignment-1-project-brief-jane-lockhart

Gathering Information and Identifying Priorities: 7-19-15-assignment-2-learning-understanding-users-and-context-jane-lockhart

Content Analysis, Site Inventory, and Recommendation for a New Organizational Structure for the Site: assignment-3-content-labeling-and-taxonomy-jane-lockhart

Testing and Accessing My Design Decisions and a Final Version of the Site Structure: assignment-4-assessing-labeling-taxonomy-jane-lockhart

The Final Report for My Client: assignment-5-putting-it-all-together-jane-lockhart

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