Week 6 & 7: Journal Entry


What I learned while working on my final report:

  • I had a really interesting time evaluating the different ways that people complete the same tasks. With the videos, you can see how people work through things (even when you can’t see their facial expressions), and how they tackle challenges when something doesn’t work the way they think they should.
  • Icons can be difficult to interpret at first glance. Designers need to be very aware of the placement of icons, and their design so that users have are better able to evaluate and determine their meaning. The same goes for the terminology used by content creators. Each decision must be carefully evaluated for usability in order to best serve a company’s users.
  • Users are not automatically trusting of a company’s intentions when providing their information over the web. They want to be assured that the information won’t be used in ways that will lead to the frustrations of dealing with spam, too much email, or unwanted advertising. Content creators should work with usability testers to find out how to best address these concerns for their specific users.

Final Report:  janelockhart_finalreport

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